What we do

headspace Gosford

headspace Gosford @ ycentral is located in Gosford across from the station. It is a friendly free service for young people aged 12-25 years. So if you are feeling...........

  • feeling down, depressed, anxious or stressed out
  • not coping at school, with the HSC or have study stress
  • not coping with family or relationships
  • worried about your sexual health
  • worried about your weight
  • unsure about your sexuality
  • pregnant and need to talk
  • experiencing a relationship breakup or loss of a loved one
  • finding it hard to concentrate
  • being hurt or bullied by others
  • worried about drinking or drug use
  • feeling like you do not understand what is happening to you
  • feeling like you are not coping
  • experiencing lack of sleep or over sleeping
  • feeling unwell, have a lack of appetite or loss of energy
  • wanting to find solutions for problems concerning you

Phone (02) 4304 7870 for a referral, or drop in to make an appointment.

headspace Gosford is really easy to access if you need some help, but if you feel that you may be experiencing a mental health emergency, you can contact the Mental Health Telephone Access Line on 1800 011 511, eheadspace or kids help line as we are not available after hours or an emergency service.

How do I make an appointment.

Call (02) 4304 7870 and ask to talk to the Youth Access Team, or you can drop in during opening hours, or ask your health worker, youth worker, teacher, family or friend to make a referral to headspace Gosford… as long as you are OK with them making a referral on your behalf.

What will happen when you I go to headspace Gosford?

When you or your parent/carer come to headspace Gosford you will first speak with one of our headspace Practice Support Officers, Cathy, Noni or Kiara. You may then be referred to our headspace Youth Access Team who will make an appointment for you if you have phoned or dropped in.

Who will I speak to?

The headspace Youth Access Team, consisting of Emma, Melody, Nicole, Hollie and Silas are great in talking with you to find out "what's up". They will help you find the service that you need (including GPs and Youth specific counsellors) who may be located at headspace @ ycentral and/or across the Central Coast. They have a great knowledge of what services are out there to help you and your family/carer find exactly what you need.

Other services located at headspace Gosford include:

  • Centrelink Outreach Service
  • Wesley GITS "Getting It Together Service"

What will happen next?

After you have seen our headspace Youth Access Team they may refer you to one of the youth friendly GPs located at ycentral. ycentral has 3 GPs who can see you to discuss your physical health, and they can also talk with about "what's up" in your life and can refer you to counsellors who are also located at headspace @ ycentral. So that means you don't have to go anywhere else as you can see the headspace Youth Access Team, the doctor and counsellors all at the one place.


Information Sheet for Families

Information Sheet for Referrers