Statistics links

To complement the work of the Centre of Excellence in terms of the evidence mapping project and the creation of evidence summary resources, there are times when what is needed is data on prevalence rates and burden of disease in young people with mental and substance use disorders. We have created a list of links to assist your search for such data and would welcome your feedback if there are reports or additional documents that could be added to this list

Australian Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing Statistics

Resources that present prevalence data for youth mental health problems. Reports include overviews of mental disorders and the burden of disease in Australian young people, including reports breaking down the data by age groups, level of impairment, hopsitalisation, service use, and rates of substance use.

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Sources of statistics by State

Resources that present mental health prevalence and related data, broken down by state or territory. Here you will find information on age groups, hospitalisation rates, service use, substance use and burden of disease.

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Suicide and self harm

Resources that present information and statistics on suicide as well as suicide risk, protective factors and suicide prevention.

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Indigenous Australians

Resources on the mental health status and substance use patterns of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people, including service use and hospitalization rates for mental health problems and disorders.

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