Mental health and you


headspace has launched a new video exploring what mental health means for young people.

The short video features members of hY NRG, the headspace Youth National Reference Group, discussing what mental health is to them and some of the signs of a mental health problem.

The group agreed that good mental health is about being able to work and study to your full potential, cope with day-to-day life stresses and being happy with who you are.

16 year old hY NRG member Courtney explained what good mental health is for her.

"Having a healthy mindset on going to work, on going to school, hanging out with your friends and doing what you do every day."

The group also discussed some of the signs that a person's mental health might be becoming a problem. They said that feeling down for a long period and losing interest in everyday activities might be a sign something is wrong.

"It's normal to have ups and downs but it's a matter of whether you can get yourself out of it," said Lily, 18, from Sydney.

The group also suggests ways you can improve your mental health, like good sleep, diet and getting support from friends, family or professionals like headspace.

This is the first video of a series that headspace will launch over the next five weeks to increase understanding of a range of mental health issues, including self-harm and anger.

Jarrad's story

hY NRG member Jarrad has shared his story of making the video and why it's important to young people. Read more.


Mental health and you

To coincide with the release of the Mental Health and You video, headspace has also released a new infographic. The infographic covers the shocking statistics of mental health and also includes warnings signs and helpful tips.

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