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headspace fact sheets:

How headspace can help

Fact sheet 1: Depression

Fact sheet 2: Eating Disorders

Fact sheet 3: Alcohol & binge drinking

Fact sheet 4: Amphetamines & other stimulants

Fact sheet 5: Anxiety

Fact sheet 6: Cannabis

Fact sheet 7: Cocaine

Fact sheet 8: Ecstasy

Fact sheet 9: Inhalants

Fact sheet 10: Psychosis

Fact sheet 11: Self harm

Fact sheet 12: Dealing with relationship breakups

Fact sheet 13: Information for parents and carers

Fact sheet 14: Want to help a friend?

Fact sheet 15: What to expect at a headspace centre

Fact sheet 16: Getting help from a gp

Fact sheet 17: headspace centres (for parents and available in 10 different     languages)

•          Italian

•          Greek

•          Simplified Chinese

•          Arabic

•          Vietnamese

•          Spanish

•          Hindi

•          Croatian

•          Farsi (Persian)

•          Dari

English version

Fact sheet 18: What is mental health?

Fact sheet 19: Sexuality and gender identity

Fact sheet 20: Sexuality and gender identity INFO FOR WORKERS

Fact sheet 21: Tobacco

Fact sheet 22: Supporting yourself after a natural disaster

Fact sheet 23: Supporting your child after a natural disaster

Fact sheet 24: Supporting a young person after a natural disaster

Fact sheet 25: Bipolar Disorder

Fact sheet 26: Bipolar Disorder (for families/carers)

Fact sheet 27: Bipolar Disorder (for workers)

Fact sheet 28: Grief

Fact sheet 29: Grief (for families/carers)

Fact sheet 30: Grief (for workers)

Fact sheet 31: Trauma

Fact sheet 32: Trauma (for families/carers)

Fact sheet 33: Trauma (for workers)

Fact sheet 34: Bullying (for family and friends)


eheadspace fact sheet for workers


MythBuster: Sorting fact from fiction on self-harm

MythBuster: Eating Disorders


Edition #1 - What is cyberbullying and where it happens

Edition #2 - Find out more about different forms of cyberbullying

Edition #3 - The effects of cyberbullying

Edition #4 - Looking after your friends

Edition #5 - Don't be a bystander

Edition #6 - Is cyberbullying a crime?

Edition #7 - Sexting

Edition #8 - Are you a cyberbully?

Edition #9 - Exclusion and Masquerading

Edition #10 - Staying in Control on Social Networking Sites

Edition #11 - headspace's top ten things to know about cyberbullying


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