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3 Riverview Drive, Berri, South Australia 5343
P: (08) 8582 4422 F: (08) 8582 3190

headspace Berri is operated by Riverland Division of General Practice. All headspace centres are funded by the Australian Government Department of Health. Administration of funding is carried out by the headspace centre’s local Primary Health Network, in this case, Country SA (Country North SA PHN).

headspace Berri provides free to low cost* health services for young people 12-25 years old in the Riverland region of South Australia. We are an inclusive service and do not discriminate regardless of race, cultural background, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or disability.

headspace Berri wants to work with you to help you with whatever tough time you're going through, and can link in with other services if needed. Whether you want advice, information or just to have a chat, we're here to help.

It's about support for general health, mental health, drug and alcohol issues, and employment and education support. With the help of its dedicated youth friendly staff of Psychologists, Counsellors, Registered Nurses and Intake & Access workers, headspace Berri is a popular one-stop-shop for young people seeking help or advice for life's challenges.

You can access or refer to headspace Berri by phone, dropping in, or via an emailed or faxed referral form. We also accept Mental Health Treatment Plans referrals from your Doctor. You can find more details about referrals below in the 'More Information' section.

*See the 'So is there any cost?' page in the 'more information' section or call (08) 8582 4422 to discuss.

Services available

Mental Health Services


Mental health workers – which may include psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors and other workers – that can help if you're just not feeling yourself.

Sexual Health Services


Sexual health screenings on site or links to local services. 

Alcohol & Drug Services


Workers either on site or linked to the centre who can assist you with any alcohol or other drug issue. 

Work & Study Services


Workers either on site or linked to the centre who can assist you with work or study opportunities. 

Youth Reference Group


A group of young people who help with events and some decision making at a centre. Ask your centre about getting involved.

Youth Programs


Centres have a range of programs and activities for young people. Just ask your centre what they have on. 

More information

Want to join our (hERO) Youth Reference Group? (Click to show below) (Click to hide below)

headspace hERO Group (YRG)

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headspace Berri are looking for young people aged 16-25 to create a diverse and positive hERO Group. Being part of the headspace Berri hERO Group involves fortnightly catch ups, sharing opinions, helping coordinate and run events and providing advice to staff of headspace Berri to help maintain the centres youth focus. As a hERO Group Member you will receive free work experience in youth health and receive training in many areas including mental health, event management, public speaking, social media and more!

Want more information?

We are currently seeking applications for our 2018 hERO group. 

Please click here to download an application form.

Please click here for our frequently asked questions?

Phone Cassi on 08 8582 4422 or email headspace@riverlandgp.org.au

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So Is There Any Cost? (Click to show below) (Click to hide below)

headspace Berri provides free (dependant on circumstances) or low cost, confidential, and youth-friendly services for young people aged 12-25 years. headspace Berri provides a range of specialised services to young people and their families who may be experiencing challenges with their mental health, physical health, alcohol and other drugs, or work & study.

You can access or refer to headspace Berri by phone, dropping in, or via an emailed or faxed referral form. We also accept Mental Health Treatment Plan referrals from your Doctor. You can find more details about referrals below in the 'more information section'.

To discuss if there is any potential cost please call centre on (08) 8582 4422.

Alternatively, if you have any financial issues which you are concerned about - you can discuss this with on of our friendly staff.

We appreciate your active involvement in finding a solution to suit your needs.

How To Make An Appointment (Click to show below) (Click to hide below)

You can access or refer to headspace Berri by phone, dropping in, or via an emailed or faxed referral form. We also accept mental Health Treatment Plan referrals from your Doctor.

Please click here to access our referral form.

Community Engagement and Education (Click to show below) (Click to hide below)

We can provide a variety of education sessions to community groups and schools. If you would like to see what sessions we have to offer please click here. Booking an education session is easy, just fill out an application form and send it to us via fax or email.

Student Assignment / Research Requests (Click to show below) (Click to hide below)

We understand that students are keen to know more about headspace Berri, the services we offer and the knowledge base of our staff. Written responses and or answers to assignments will not be provided but If you are interested in interviewing one of our team members for information about headspace to be included in your assignment or specific research topics, please send your assignment cover sheet and interview questions to be reviewed to info@riverlandgp.org.au

Important notes to students:

  • Written responses and or answers to assignments will not be provided
  • Interviews are open to all Secondary, Tafe and University students.
  • We cannot participate in last minute requests, so please ensure you allow a few weeks (minimum of 4) to process your request
  • All interviews must be done face-to-face and will include a behind the scenes centre tour of our headspace centre
  • Pending your interview questions and topics, from time-to-time we may recommend one of our organisation or consortium partners for you to interview in place of headspace Berri
  • Interview questions must be related to areas of service provided by headspace
  • In high demand periods we may organise once off group interviews instead of one-on-one interviews with one of our team members
  • Due to time and resource constraints, we cannot respond to all interview requests

Meet our Team (Click to show below) (Click to hide below)

Meet the team behind headspace Berri.

Cassi Bonython 2 s2

Manager - Cassi Bonython

Henry 2

Clinical Counsellor – Henry

Alana V

Clinical Counsellor – Alana

Barb 3

Clinical Counsellor – Barb

Keisha 2

headspace Counsellor – Keisha

Susan Wanghu

headspace Counsellor – Susan

Kristy 2

headspace AOD Worker – Kristy 


headspace AOD Worker – Wes


headspace Worker – Amanda

headspace Programs (Click to show below) (Click to hide below)

2017 Group Programs

headspace Berri run a variety of group programs throughout the year. Please find below our current programs on offer.

Any questions or to find out the next course dates please contact our office on 8582 4422.

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Just Breathe

Just Breathe is a FREE group program facilitated by headspace Berri, aimed at providing young people aged 12-25 with a place to relax; as well as learn strategies to help manage every day stress.

Regular practice of mindfulness meditation has been found to improve various issues related to both mental and physical health by enhancing one’s attention to the present moment and decreasing unnecessary rumination and worrying.

Criteria: Aged 12-25

Locations: headspace Berri, 3 Riverview Drive, Berri or Waikerie Community Centre - 1A Crush Terrace, Waikerie.

More Information: Contact the headspace Berri office on 08 8582 4422  for information about the next program


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Chill Skills

Chill Skills  is a skills based group therapy program which assists the young person to learn and practice the skills needed for emotional regulation.  Learning emotional regulation skills in a group setting has an advantage over individual treatment in being able to use the group process and experience to learn alternative ways of responding to conflict and in its provision of a supportive and motivating group environment in which to change.

Criteria: Aged 12-25

Location: headspace Berri - 3 Riverview Drive, Berri

More Information: Contact the headspace Berri office on 08 8582 4422 to register or for information about the next program.


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Tuning In To Teens

The Tuning in to Teens™ (TinT™) is an offshoot of the Tuning in to Kids™ program, drawing on the work of researchers and practitioners working in the area of adolescent emotions.  The program focusses on developing supportive, emotionally responsive parenting – characteristics that are central in a secure attachment relationship. The central idea behind Tuning in to Teens™ is that young people develop their capacity to think about emotional experiences and regulate their responses when their parents attend to difficult emotions of low to moderate intensity, and when they support, soothe and help their teen to learn about and regulate emotions. Tuning in to Teens™ is designed to teach parents about emotions in themselves and their young people and how to ’emotion coach’ young people through sometimes difficult emotional times. Emotion Coaching is a parenting technique that helps young people understand their feelings. When parents Emotion Coach, young people learn how emotions work and how to react to feelings in healthy ways. Research has shown that emotion coaching is a valuable lifelong skill, helping to build a resilient and empathetic community.

Criteria: Parents and carers of young people

More Information: Contact headspace Berri office on 08 8582 4422 for information