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Level 2, 97 Church Street, Camperdown, New South Wales 2050
P: (02) 9114 4100

headspace Camperdown is operated by Brain and Mind Centre. All headspace centres are funded by the Australian Government Department of Health. Administration of funding is carried out by the headspace centre’s local Primary Health Network, in this case, Central and Eastern Sydney (EIS Health Ltd).

headspace Camperdown is located in the Brain and Mind Centre at the University of Sydney. We offer support and information for young people aged 12-25 who have general health, mental health, alcohol and other drug worries.

Have you been feeling like? 

  • You're not coping
  • Everything is a struggle
  • No one understands
  • Alone and confused
  • hurting yourself
  • Depressed and anxious
  • fed up and lost

All Clients accessing headspace Camperdown will receive a FREE initial assessment with a Youth Access Clincian. To access psychology or psychiatry services young people need to have a GP referral. GP referral can be obtained through your own GP or the Youth Access Clinician can make an appointment at our centre. You can make an appointment by calling (02) 9114 4100 or emailing us 

If you prefer you can ask a friend,family member or support person to contact us and make an appointment on your behalf if you give them consent.

You may also consider using eheadspace , the national online and telephone counselling support service for young people and their families

Services available

Mental Health Services


Mental health workers – which may include psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors and other workers – that can help if you're just not feeling yourself.

Doctor (GP)


GPs can help with any physical health issues as well as issues related to sexual health, drug or alcohol use, relationship problems or feeling down or upset. Your centre may have a GP on site or links to one locally. 

Sexual Health Services


Sexual health screenings on site or links to local services. 

Work & Study Services


Workers either on site or linked to the centre who can assist you with work or study opportunities. 

Youth Reference Group


A group of young people who help with events and some decision making at a centre. Ask your centre about getting involved.

Youth Programs


Centres have a range of programs and activities for young people. Just ask your centre what they have on. 

Positions available at headspace Camperdown

Expressions of Interest being accepted for Clinical Pscyhologists , Part-time/Sessional (Click to show below) (Click to hide below)

Expressions of Interest


Psychology private practice opportunities with headspace Camperdown


headspace Camperdown is seeking expressions of interest from clinical psychologists/psychologists who are experienced and interested in providing high quality psychological services to young people aged 12-25. headspace psychologists provide services under an early intervention/ prevention framework for young people with emerging or recent onset mental disorders.


headspace Camperdown is a comprehensive youth health service that provides physical and mental health support, information and services to young people aged 12-25 and their families in a youth friendly environment, and is led by the Brain and Mind Centre (BMC). All services are free or low cost to the young person.


The team at headspace includes Clinical Psychologists, Psychologists, General Practitioners, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Mental Health Nurses, Researchers and Administration staff.


Working as a psychologist at headspace is both rewarding and challenging. Successful applicant(s) will be charged a modest room rental fee and in return will be provided with ongoing referrals, extensive clinical and administrative support, and co-location with other health professionals in a youth-friendly environment.


Interested applicants must possess:

  • Full registration with the Psychology Board of Australia,
  • Eligibility to provide psychological services under Medicare,
  • an ABN and personal professional indemnity insurance
  • A postgraduate degree in clinical psychology (or near completion)/ or be a registered Psychologist with extensive experience providing therapy to young people
  • Commitment to delivering psychological services as an integrated part of a multidisciplinary team


This position is classified as child–related employment and will require a criminal record check, Working With Children Employment Screening Check and knowledge of the child protection reporting requirements of health professionals.

What is the application process?


Applications should be addressed to Dr Blake Hamilton via email at blake.hamilton@sydney.edu.au and include the following information:

  • Your contact details, including mobile phone
  • A brief cover letter and CV, outlining any experience working with young people and their families, and your eligibility to provide psychological services under Medicare
  • Names and contact details of two referees
  • A list of the preferred days and sessions (AM/PM) you would like to work at headspace


If you would like further information about this opportunity contact Dr Blake Hamilton, Clinical Services Manager, blake.hamilton@sydney.edu.au. For further information regarding headspace visit www.headspace.org.au/Camperdown

For more information contact:

Email: blake.hamilton@sydney.edu.au

Youth Advisory Group / Volunteering -, Part-time/Sessional (Click to show below) (Click to hide below)

Unfortunately headspace Camperdown is currently not able to offer volunteer opportunities within the clinic.

Although, if you are a Young person aged between 16-25 years old and are passionate about mental health we encourage you to email us and enquire about our 2018 Youth Advisory Group . This group meets once a month to discuss how to promote headspace and mental health awareness to our local community. It's a great way to connect with others and share your ideas.


More information

Our Staff (Click to show below) (Click to hide below)

We have various Professionals that can assist you with your mental health and wellbeing including:Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists,GP's and Occupational Therapists 


Clinical Services Manager

Dr Blake Hamilton 


Administration Team:

Eva Castaldi (Practice Manager)

George Ioannides

Sapate Afeaki

Fran Lai


Intake team 

Daniel Marciano (Senior Youth Access Clincian)

Rabyh Barhoum

Philippa Mcgrouther

Annelie Watt



Dr Ryan Lee

Dr Sarah Khanlari  (Psychiatry Registrar)


Drug and Alcohol Clinician 

Shannon Hughes


Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

James Southan


Clinical Psychologists

Loretta Moore

Rachel Harker

Dr Blake Hamilton

Dr Cristina Cacciotti-Saija

Dr Alice Norton 



Dr Sylvia Yeung


 Community Development and Engagement Officer

Vicki Papa


Services co-located:

Early Intervention in Psychosis Team - Mon-Fri


Feedback (Click to show below) (Click to hide below)

headspace Camperdown welcomes your feedback and suggestions. Please email your thoughts to : headspace.camperdown@sydney.edu.au

damian zaleski 843

What we do (Click to show below) (Click to hide below)

headspace Camperdown is a service that assists young people aged 12-25 who are struggling with their mental health and wellbeing.

We understand that one in four young people in Australia will experience a mental health issue and we're here to help you get back on track and feeling better! 

headspace can help if you are:

-feeling down 

-can't stop worrying

-having issues with friends and/or family members

-struggling with emotions and feelings

-having worries about relationships,

-wanting to chat about your sexuality and/or gender

-wanting to seek help for drug and alcohol use

-being bullied or struggling with work, school or university


If you have any questions about making an appointment call us on 9114 4100 or email us here

101201 473

Have a look around our space (Click to show below) (Click to hide below)

When you arrive at headspace Camperdown you will see our plant filled waiting space where music is usually playing. There is also an information stand where you can find pamphlets about many things relating to wellbeing. Our therapy rooms are bright, colourful and welcoming.

If you have any specific accessibility needs that you would like assistance with, please let us know before coming to headspace so we can be aware of how to best assist.

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What happens at your first appointment at headspace? (Click to show below) (Click to hide below)

When you contact headspace you will be given a date to come in an see us for your first appointment. On your first visit, you will meet with one of our Youth Access Clinicians for about 40-50 minutes where they will ask you about the different areas of your life. For example, they will ask you questions about school or work, your family, your health and what other things may be worrying you. By answering these questions you give the clinician a better picture about what is currently happening for you. Depending on your specific needs, they will then chat to you about the kinds of supports and services that are available at headspace or in the community.

Make sure you let the Youth Access Clinician know if you have any questions.

*Please try and come at least 10-15 minutes earlier to your first appointment so you have enough time to fill out some required forms.

*alexis brown 85794

How to make a referral (Click to show below) (Click to hide below)

Young People 

If you are a Young person wanting to make an appointment at headspace Camperdown.

You have a few options:

1. Call our friendly administration team on 9114 4100 during business hours (Mon-Fri) 

2. Email us to request an appointment

3. Supportive others are also welcome to make an appointment on behalf of the young person with their consent.


For Services and Professionals

If you are a professional and would like to refer a young person to headspace Camperdown, we ask you to fill out our brief referral form.

This information will assist us in getting the young person the right help they need quickly.

Please write the referral date on the document for it to be processed

headspace Camperdown Referral Form (.PDF)


please fill out the form and fax it to us. Please fax the completed form to 'Intake' on 02 9351 0946


Alternatively you can post the referral form to headspace level 2/97 Church St Camperdown NSW 2050

We recommend that you follow up the referral with a phone call to ensure we have received it.

Please contact us on (02) 9114 4100 if you require any assistance.