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Mount Isa

1 / 2 West Street , Mount Isa, Queensland 4825
P: (07) 4437 1300 F: (07) 4437 1399

headspace Mount Isa is operated by Mount Isa Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service T/A Gidgee Healing. All headspace centres are funded by the Australian Government Department of Health. Administration of funding is carried out by the headspace centre’s local Primary Health Network, in this case, Western Queensland (North West Hospital and Health Services).

headspace Mount Isa is a free health service for young people ages 12 - 25. Our range of services includes mental, physical and sexual health, drug and alcohol information, vocational and educational support.

Our dedicated staff includes a Care Coordinator, Social Worker, Psychiatrist, Vocational Specialists, Dietician and Exercise Physiologist.

Don't be shame to come see us, we are here to help you before your problems may overwhelm you, no matter what they are.

Please complete a referral online here .

Services available



Nutrition screening, dietary assessment and education about food and lifestyle, also support around healthy eating strategies.

Mental Health Services


Mental health workers – which may include psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors and other workers – that can help if you're just not feeling yourself.

Doctor (GP)


GPs can help with any physical health issues as well as issues related to sexual health, drug or alcohol use, relationship problems or feeling down or upset. Your centre may have a GP on site or links to one locally. 

Sexual Health Services


Sexual health screenings on site or links to local services. 

Alcohol & Drug Services


Workers either on site or linked to the centre who can assist you with any alcohol or other drug issue. 

Work & Study Services


Workers either on site or linked to the centre who can assist you with work or study opportunities. 

Youth Reference Group


A group of young people who help with events and some decision making at a centre. Ask your centre about getting involved.

Youth Programs


Centres have a range of programs and activities for young people. Just ask your centre what they have on. 

More information

Referral Form (Click to show below) (Click to hide below)

Wanting to make a referral for yourself or for someone you know, down below are two options for making a referral. This is the first important step to making an appointment with headspace. You can also pop into the office to make the referral. 

Please click here to complete a referral online.


Please click here to download our referral form.

What to expect when you come to headspace Mount Isa (Click to show below) (Click to hide below)

Find out what it's like at headspace Mount Isa

You will come into our reception/waiting area and be given a few forms to complete.  They should not take too long but if you need help you can ask the person at the front, who will be happy to help! If you've just dropped in and don't have an appointment, any of the workers can meet with you for a short time and then schedule another appointment if that's what you and the worker would like to do.

On your first visit you will be allocated a care coordinator. Sometimes the care coordinator will spend some time with you alone or with you and your family or friends or even other workers that have come with you.

You will also be asked to complete some questions on an iPad about how things are for you. You will be asked these questions everytime you visit our centre so that you can compare how things were and how they are now.

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What's next?

The care coordinator will tell you about your right to privacy at headspace and look at what is important for you, what you need some help with, and then give you some of their thoughts and talk about options with you. And remember the care coordinators aren't as scary as you think so you can ask them questions too!


Where to from here?

  1. You may come back and see the same care coordinator.
  2. You may be given information about other services that will be the best for what you need & the headspace worker may support you to connect with these other services. Sometimes they will be on site and sometimes it means going somewhere else
  3. You may be referred to our GP (or your own GP) to get a Care Plan. This step is really important because it means you can see a health professional (i.e counselor, dietician) for free.


When you can't make your appointment

Let someone in our office know! It's important so that someone else who is waiting can take your appointment. Call us on 4437 1300.


Did you know?

  • If you miss two appointments, you will need to ring headspace Mount Isa to arrange your next appointment
  • Sometimes people feel that things are going much better and they don't need to attend our service anymore. That's great! Just let your care coordinator or receptionist know.
  • Sometimes you just want some breathing space, and that's OK too; just let us know if you want to take a break!
  • You are still welcome to come back anytime you need our support again.

Meet the team (Click to show below) (Click to hide below)

If you ever need to come to headspace Mount Isa for some support, these are some of the friendly staff you might meet.

Overseeing the headspace Mount isa centre, ensuring it runs like clockwork and is providing the services that we offer is our very own 'khaleesi'…

Currently Vacant - Centre Manager

If you have booked an appointment to come in and speak to someone face-to-face for some support, those helpful people you will meet are...

Patrick - Mental Health Social Worker/Clinical Lead

Vivienne - ATSI Care Coordinator

Aaron - Vocational Specialist, IPS Team

Julie - Supervisor, IPS Team

Salina - Vocational Specialist, IPS Team

At the helm of our care coordinators, ensuring all clinical matters run smoothly is... 


For whatever reason you’re contacting headspace Mount isa, you will first meet…

Florence - Practice Manager

Currently Vacant – Receptionist/Administration Officer

And if you are interested in getting out there and being involved in what is going on in the community...

Tracey - Youth & Community Engagement Officer


Groups at headspace Mount Isa (Click to show below) (Click to hide below)

headspace Mount Isa has a number of awesome groups available so you can hang out, make friends, build skills and have fun.

Check out this space for all the awesome ways you can get involved with headspace Mount Isa!

  • Anime- Ichiban Anime club - Wednesday 2:30pm-4pm
  • Deadly Arts - Thursday 2:30pm-4pm
  • Event Planning Meeting for Youth Week 2018 - Tuesday 3:30pm-4:30pm
  • Youth Reference Group - Ask how you can be apart of this at reception

We also love to put on great community events that can be lead by young people. Let us know if you're interested in joining in!

Check out this clip of Youth Week 2017!



Mental Health First Aid (Click to show below) (Click to hide below)

Mental health first aid is the help provided to a person who is developing a mental health problem, or who is in a mental health crisis (e.g., the person is suicidal or has had a traumatic experience). Like physical first aid, mental health first aid is given until the person receives professional help or until the crisis resolves.

Mental health first aid strategies are taught in evidence-based training courses authored by Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Australia and delivered by accredited MHFA Instructors across the country. headspace Mount Isa offers Youth Mental Health First Aid Courses as authored by MHFA Australia, delivered by Instructors who are currently accredited by MHFA Australia.

The 14-hour Youth Mental Health First Aid Course is for adults working or living with adolescents (those aged between approximately 12 and 18 years). However, the course can be relevant for those helping people who are a little younger or older. This course is particularly suitable for parents, teachers, sports coaches, and youth workers. The course curriculum is evidence-based, as informed by the MHFA Guidelines.

Research has found this course to be effective. Specifically, a study found that participants who complete the course have improved knowledge of mental illnesses and their treatments, knowledge of appropriate first aid strategies, and confidence in providing mental health first aid, as well as reduced stigma. More info.

What the course covers:

The course teaches adults how to assist adolescents (those aged between 12 and 18 years) who are developing a mental illness, experiencing a worsening of an existing mental health problem or in a mental health crisis, until appropriate professional help is received or the crisis resolves. Course participants learn about adolescent development, the signs and symptoms of the common and disabling mental health problems in young people, where and how to get help when a young person is developing a mental illness, what sort of help has been shown by research to be effective, and how to provide first aid in a crisis situation.

Developing mental health problems covered are:
  • Depression
  • Anxiety problems
  • Psychosis
  • Substance use problems
  • Eating disorders
Mental health crisis situations covered are:
  • Suicidal thoughts and behaviours
  • Non-suicidal self-injury (sometimes called deliberate self-harm)
  • Panic attacks
  • Traumatic events
  • Severe effects of drug or alcohol use
  • Severe psychotic states
  • Aggressive behaviours

Contact headspace Mount Isa to discuss attending a YMHFA course reception@headspacemtisa.org.au or Ph (07) 4437 1300.

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Jobspace (Click to show below) (Click to hide below)

Jobspace is an Individual Placement and Support program is a model of practice where mental health and employment support is combined.  An IPS Vocational Specialist is a part of the team at headspace centre at Mount Isa. 


Who can access the Jobspace IPS Youth Program?

  •  Young people accessing headspace services in Mount Isa
  • Young people aged up to 25 years
  • Individuals with employment, education or training goals and facing barriers to achieving these goals
  • People willing to engage in the program and able to make an informed decision to participate

Our vocational workers can help you with:

  •  finding a suitable job while looking after your mental health
  • professional resume writing
  • job applications
  • cover letters and selection criteria
  • mentoring and assistance
  • ongoing support
  • help with job active meetings

If your interested in seeing the Jobspace team contact headspace Mount Isa reception@headspacemtisa.org.au or Ph 4437 1300.


Mental health in the Workplace (Click to show below) (Click to hide below)

Creating a mentally healthy workplace is everyone’s responsibility.

One in five Australian workers is currently experiencing a mental health condition.*

It is estimated that untreated mental health conditions cost Australian workplaces approximately $10.9 billion per year*:

  • $4.7 billion in absenteeism,
  • $6.1 billion in presenteeism
  • $146 million in compensation claims.

Six million working days are lost annually when people either can’t come in, or are at work but not able to perform to their usual standard.*

Stigma and fear of discrimination prevents people from speaking openly and seeking the support they need at work.

* Australian Bureau of Statistics National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing: Summary of Results 2007.


  • Absenteeism:  reduces absenteeism and high staff turnover
  • Presenteeism:  increases productivity
  • Retention:  reduces the number of people who leave jobs


  • Promote a positive, productive workplace culture
  • Minimise risks to employees mental health
  • Support people
  • Prevent discrimination
  • Are positive productive places where people want to work


  • Jobs become more stable
  • Rewards are more frequent
  • Workplace confidence is higher


  • Take care of your own mental health and personal safety – be a positive role model
  • Educate yourself about mental health
  • Be aware of the personal safety of your colleagues
  • Respect other people and celebrate differences
  • Speak up if you see instances of bullying, harassment or discrimination
  • Cooperate with work place policies and procedures

headspace Mount Isa offer Mental Health in the workplace information sessions and training covering topics to support mentally healthy workplaces. Contact headspace Mount Isa to find out more information reception@headspacemtisa.org.au or phone 4437 1300.